In 2007 we discovered the Escallonia ‘Jamie’ pbr at our nursery, a wide and low growing variety with beautiful pink / red flowers.


In 2012 we discovered the Caryopteris clan. ‘Blue Empire’ pbr at our nursery. A strong growing variety with gray / green leaves and large pale blue flowers. In the autumn of 2014 we will take this plant to market.


Both the Escallonia ‘Jamie’ and the Caryopteris clan. ‘Empire Blue’ are protected by plant breeders rights. We also specialize in the following types:

– Abelia in 5 varieties
– Caryopteris in 7 varieties
– Escallonia in 5 varieties
– Hydrangea in 25 varieties





Product in de kijker

 Product in de kijker

Caryopteris clan. 'Blue Empire'

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